The Film

Animals is a love story about a shoe.


It is set in New Orleans in the early 90s and tells the tale of inner city kids re-appropriating high-end fashion to meet their wants and needs. This entertaining story is built on the interviews of people who lived during this era of high crime, poverty and great times, including KLC (No-Limit Records mega-producer, Bustdown (New Orleans Rap Legend), Bally‚Äôs Swiss Museum curator, former street hustlers, and high-end retailers.  Not only for entertainment, the filmmaker aspires to tell a story which relates to all people of all backgrounds; a story of status, dreams of a better life, and a desire to fulfill our basic human needs through external means.

Benjamin Simmons

Director | Writer | Producer

I was born by the river, kinda.  

Actually I was born in New Orleans East, laid my head downtown, and ran through the streets uptown which is where I reside today.  I attended McMain High School as well as Xavier University, and have been filming here since 2010 after moving back from a 7 year stay in Los Angeles.  

I wanted to do this film because 20 years after production of the shoe stopped, it is still a strong echo in the culture of New Orleans.  To this day, it conjures memories of good times and puts a smile on the faces of those that remember it.